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From The Archives: 11 Year Old Erin Writes About Traveling

When I was going to elementary school in Grenada, our teachers had us write in journals about pretty much whatever we wanted. After a particularly eventful summer in the U.S. and Europe, I decided to write about traveling, airports, and U.S. immigration policy.

Oct. 5, 1994

I really like travelling [sic]. In fact, I travel so much, I know my way around the airport. I also know abbreviations like GND means Grenada and LGW means London Gatwick. I also like looking at those T.V. screens and trying to find our gate number. But the best part is being on the plane. I love being on planes because I think it is fun. It gets me excited about arriving at my destination. The bad part about being on a plane, though, is writing immigration cards. I have to write my own. Why do those people have to know where I was born anyway? It’s not like they are going to my birthday party or something. Anyway, another part I don’t like is if you are a transfer or someone on vacation in the U.S. I don’t hate the U.S., but I don’t like the white card, green card, and blue card thing. They are really strict about it. If you are a U.S. citizen, do you have to write in one of those cards? If not, you’re lucky. Well, on to the positive side. I like some plane foods. But for some reason, I’m never hungry on the plane. I also like watching those movies. Over the summer, I saw “Four Weddings and a Funeral” twice, and “Beverly Hills Cop 3” once. They were funny. Gotta go.